Bette could feel it. She was the only one. It gets me every time. 

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The two shows i’m most known for are Rent and Wicked, and they actually have a huge spectrum of ages. But, i mean, for the most part there’s a lot of young people and…I guess people who have been alienated—the underdog—because that’s what those shows are about. So, they’re really—I don’t know, they’re really loving, great, creative people. And they send wonderful gifts and make these really crazy, cool websites and—I don’t know: I live for them. - Idina, defending her fans

Flawless woman is flawless.

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Omg, I’m only in season one of Scandal (and it’s so good) but President Grant is such a creeeeeeep. Especially in the episode where they’re on the campaign trail. Every episode so far, actually. 

How is this suppose to be romantic?

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